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Self Management And Recovery Training

Smart Recovery is a global, not for profit volunteer organization that is science and evidence based. We offer free, in-person, and online support groups in a safe space for people seeking independence from any type of addictive behaviours.

We offer a support program for family members and friends who want to help people in recovery.

It is important that you believe in your ability to change. We encourage you to develop your self-confidence, restore faith in yourself and hope for your recovery from addiction.

If you aren’t ready to believe that you can change, then reserve your judgment, set aside your negative beliefs and approach the process of change with an open mind. We can help and you can do this!

Acceptance, encouragement and non-judgment. We are accepted into a community that believes you have the Power of Choice in addiction recovery and the capabilities within yourself to make things change. 

Self-Empowerment. A self-empowering approach to recovery involves gaining freedom and independence.

While working through our tools and techniques in this 4 Points Program, we gain power, ability and capacity by making positive life decisions.

This process works over time. When practiced daily, the evidence shows us these coping skills have been proven to be effective.

Point 1- Build and Maintain Motivation. This is where you discover your reasons to change, build momentum and the motivation to keep going.

Point 2 - Cope With Urges. Urges and cravings happen. SMART Recovery can help you allow, accept and overcome these urges and understand why you have them.

The fact is people can learn to control their response to their urges and cravings or even forget about them completely over time.

Point 3 - Manage Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours. This is where you find new ways of dealing with sadness, anger, anxiety, frustration and other upsets instead of using substances or engaging in other addictive behaviours.

You can build your communication and basic life skills using our tools and techniques.

Point 4 - Live a Balanced Life. This is where your values and behaviour are aligned. You maintain your recovery by figuring out what's important to you, setting attainable goals, pursue new interests that replace your addictive behaviour, find like minded friends and make new connections.

Change The world

Our Mission

To provide a national caring support network through understanding and education stamping out stigma associated with addiction treatment and mental health care.

Our Vision

A supportive World where people Work together to lead the best life for themselves, their families and their communities.

our purpose

To ensure the SMART training program combines current science and Technology to Facilitate meetings online and in-person, for people from every culture and place in life, in cities and rural communities.  

What They Say?

Partners and Country Affiliates

SMART Recovery is available for everyone
together we can break down stigma
helping people access the support and understanding
essential for mental health and addiction

Cynthia Moore
Smart Recovery Canada

Cynthia Moore
Smart Recovery Canada

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Our Team

We can guide you to a life beyond addiction.


Through extensive training and lived experience, Cynthia has had
a passionate commitment
to advocate and present
evidence based programs
and peer support
for families facing mental health
and addiction problems since 2012.

Cynthia Moore

Smart Recovery Ontario

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Smart Recovery Manitoba


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Barry Deighan

Smart Recovery Alberta