Self Management and Recovery Training

Smart Recovery is a global not-for-profit mental health and addiction support organization. We provide evidence based program materials, an online community of meetings and in-person support groups for people seeking independence from any kind of addictive behaviours. We offer a positive reinforcement educational program for family members and friends who wish to support their loved ones in recovery.

It is important that you believe in your ability to change. We meet you where you are in the recovery process. We believe you have the ability to make things change. With realistic goals and by observing small successes we build our independence and self-confidence over time.

If you aren’t ready to believe that you can change, then reserve your judgment, set aside those questioning beliefs and approach the process of change with an open mind. Join us for a meeting experience. We believe we can guide you to a life beyond addiction.

Self-Empowerment. A self-empowering approach to addiction recovery involves gaining independence as you reclaim your life. We have the ability and capacity to change our habits.

Acceptance, encouragement and non-judgment. We are accepted into a community that believes you have the Power of Choice in addiction recovery. With empathy, kindness and compassion we provide a safe space for your individual recovery process without judgement.

While working through our tools and techniques in this 4 Points Program, we gain personal power by making practical decisions and positive life choices. We embrace our humanity and our ability to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve our goal to live a balanced life.

This process works over time. When practiced daily, the evidence shows us these coping skills have been proven to be effective for many people throughout the globe.

Our Mission

To provide a national support network of peer led groups, educate mental health providers and stamp out stigma associated with addiction treatment.

Our Vision

A supportive and understanding world where people work together to lead the best life for themselves, their families and their communities.

Our purpose

To ensure SMART training programs combine current science and technology. To facilitate meetings online and in-person, for all people from every culture and place in life.


four points Program

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1. Build & Maintain

You might have experienced a natural consequence and are open to new ideas. This is where you discover your reasons to change, build momentum and the motivation to keep going.

2. Cope with Urges

Learning how to cope with urges and cravings is an important part of the recovery process. We have techniques that can guide you through accepting them and allowing them to pass.

3. Manage Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

We have tools to help you find new ways of dealing with sadness, anger, anxiety, frustration and other feelings instead of using substances or engaging in addictive behaviours.

4. Live a Balanced life

This is when your values and goals are aligned.  You have pursued new interests that replaced your addiction. You are content with life and are able to cope with the challenges it brings.